16 - 17 Mar 2020


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Kununurra – Kimberley Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Trial Clinical Elements Training

Clinical Elements of the Kimberley Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Trial

The Kimberley Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Trial (the Trial) is helping to develop a model of suicide prevention that meets the unique and culturally sensitive needs of the region’s Aboriginal communities.

The Clinical Element activities of the Trial work together to improve service delivery and quality of care to improve patient safety. The Clinical Element activities are as follows:

1. Cultural Security Framework

The Kimberley Cultural Security Framework (the Framework) and supporting Guide and Self-Assessment Tool aims to provide best practice care, using a Continuous Quality Improvement approach to providing mental health, social and emotional wellbeing and drug and alcohol services and support for the Kimberley Aboriginal clients and staff. The Framework sets out measures that can be taken to achieve best practice, culturally safe service delivery.

The KAMS SEWB Team are available to provide support for the initial self-assessments and improvement plans. Please request via

2. Kimberley Protocol: Deliberate Self-Harm and Suicidal Behaviours

The Kimberley Protocol on Deliberate Self-Harm and Suicidal Behaviours (the Protocol) outlines a pathway for human service agencies, including clinics, to assist people presenting with deliberate self-harm and suicidal behaviours to access appropriate care, including:

  • Appropriate screening and assessment; and,
  • Effective follow-up, support and safety planning.

The Protocol is the first of its kind in the region, developed by the Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Subcommittee of the Kimberley Aboriginal Health Planning Forum. KAMS have partnered with WA Country Health Service (WACHS) to roll-out training to human service agency staff.

A complimentary toolkit has been developed to support community members and natural helpers as first responders to know what to do to support people in their families and communities. Toolkit is currently under consultation with community and will be available shortly.

3. Health workforce training

The health workforce training aims to:

  1. increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of health workforce and clinic staff to identify, screen, assess, and manage patients who are presenting with, or may be at risk of, deliberate self-harm and suicidal behaviours to improve patient safety; and,
  2. to support health services to be more user friendly for mental health presentations to help at-risk people feel more comfortable to enter and access health services.

Two half-days of interactive workshops will be delivered across the Kimberley. Training will include guiding Continuous Quality Improvement processes in each clinic.

A Mental Health User Friendly Checklist for Kimberley Health Services is currently under development, with the vision to improve the user experience for people presenting with mental health related issues.

What’s next:

KAMS in partnership with WACHS will deliver the Clinical Element’s training components across the Kimberley in the following months.

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