Coronavirus (COVID-19) KAMS Clinical Information and Resources

Government Updates and Resources

WA Health Coronavirus (COVID-19)
For the latest updates and resources from the Department of Health

WA Health COVID-19 Clinical Alerts
Up-to-date clinical guidelines for GPs, hospitals and health professionals

Australian Government Department of Health Coronavirus Resources
A collection of resources for the general public and industry about COVID-19

Other Resources

Interim advice on non-inpatient care of persons with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, including use of PPE
An information sheet with interim advice on non-inpatient care of persons with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, including use of PPE

COVID-19 Communicable Disease Network Australia (CDNA) National Guidelines for Public Health Units
This document summarises interim recommendations for surveillance, infection control, laboratory testing and contact management for COVID-19. It is the first national guidance issued for COVID-19 and will be further developed into COVID-19 CDNA National Guidelines for Public Health Units (COVID-19 SoNG)

Suspect COVID-19 Notification Form online or PDF
Suspected COVID-19 is notifiable under the Public Health Act 2016 either by online form or printed notification form

New items for COVID-19 telehealth and phone services (RACGP)
Temporary MBS items for video and phone consultations were introduced on 13 March 2020.

Donning and Doffing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Video Resource
Instructive video on the appropriate method of donning and doffing PPE (WA Health Department)

WHO COVID-19 Technical Guidance: Patient Management
World Health Organization resources for COVID-19 patient management

KAMS Clinical Information and Resources

KAMS A3 Infection Control Precautions Posters for Clinics/ Health Centres.

Droplet Precautions

Airborne Precautions

Contact Precaution Poster

Standard Precaution Poster

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioner Personal Protective Equipment Poster Resources (PDFs)

Correct Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Putting on a mask

Removing a mask