ICT Support

KAMS ICT Department provides centralized, flexible, extensive ICT support services for KAMS and its member services across the Kimberley Region. KAMS ICT support strives to help staff and organisations improve efficiency and communication in the workplace by providing:

Onsite support – KAMS ICT Team travel across the Kimberly to find and resolve faults, maintain networks and computers, and install new hardware and software.

Remote access technology – KAMS technicians can remotely check on the health of networks, provide software updates perform routine maintenance and advise on any upgrades or modifications and recommendations without having to make an onsite visit.

Hardware and software – KAMS can supply new computers and a range of hardware, Phones and other various items. This allows KAMS ICT to build and standardise equipment and services throughout the Kimberly.

Desktop and server preventative maintenance – KAMS ICT Team are able to visit and support IT needs, from fault finding, to maintenance or installing new hardware

Computer networking – KAMS ICT team support complex integrated networks allowing access from many mediums including cable or wireless technology so that users can quickly and easily share resources and files.

Help desk – the team are on hand to provide on-the-spot technical advice and to help fix general ICT issues from Monday to Friday

8am to 430pm.

Phone direct to 9194 3224

Follow the prompts 1) for IT support, 2) for MMEx support

then enter your location:

1) BRAMS 2) DAHS 3) KAMS 4) Remotes 5) Renal 6) OVAHS 7) YYMS

You don’t need to wait for the prompts you can enter the numbers at any time

Email to: itsupport@kamsc.org.au

To order new equipment or have a new user created please go to http://ict.kamsc.org.au