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What is it like to be a GP at KAMS? 

Our Deputy Medical Director Dr. Casey shares what it’s like working as a GP for KAMS, including the key differences between metro and remote work, the type of support available and the experiences she’s had so far.  Dr. Casey joined KAMS in 2016 as a GP registrar. In her role, she conducts clinic work through ... Read More

How our COO Rob achieves great outcomes for our patients, staff and stakeholders

As Chief Operating Officer, Rob is responsible for managing efficient and effective operations for KAMS. This means he oversees many different areas in the organisation, including HR, Kimberly Renal Services (KRS), remote clinics, corporate services, IT, and mental health. For Rob, his role is to support all these teams so they can work as effectively ... Read More

Meet our Corporate Services Executive Manager: Carli

At KAMS, we’re grateful to our dedicated administration and support staff working behind the scenes and performing essential operations that allow us to continue delivering excellent services. Our Corporate Services Executive Manager Carli shares information about her role and the projects she’s been a part of in KAMS. As the Corporate Services Executive Manager, Carli ... Read More