Guidelines and Priorities

Guidelines for Conducting Research in the Kimberley

Health research carried in the Kimberley:

  • Must be of value to the region
  • Does not duplicate previous research
  • Follow-on implications must be considered
  • Must have genuine community consultation and participation
  • The research should increase research capacity in the region

Research Priorities for the Kimberley

  1. The health issue is common and / or serious in the Kimberley
  2. The issue is important for the health and well-being of Aboriginal people
  3. There is a lack of available information on important aspects of the issue and increasing knowledge through research is likely to lead to important outcomes for Kimberley people
  4. Knowledge is available from mainstream research on the issue but there is reason to believe the evidence may not be generalisable to Aboriginal and / or Kimberley populations
  5. The issue is important for quality improvement / development of primary health care services in a Kimberley setting
  6. The skills and capacity (including human and financial) are available to be able to conduct the research
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