SEWB Training

SEWB Workshop Expression Of Interest Form for Organisations

The Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services (KAMS) Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) Team is funded to provide workforce support and development to KAMS member services and priority organisations identified in their funding contracts. These organisations may receive face-to-face SEWB training courses and information sessions for their staff, free of charge. To request a face-to-face SEWB workshop, please complete this form and return it to Due to limited resources of the KAMS SEWB Team, organisations not partnered with KAMS only be offered excess places in pre-organised workshops. KAMS thanks you for your understanding.

Note: if possible, please provide email address connected to your phone

Please select which SEWB Workshop/s you would like to attend Note: For more information about the workshops available, please see the KAMS website

Note: generally, a minimum of 8 and maximum of 16 participants may attend a workshop. It is the requesting organisation’s responsibility to ensure the minimum number of participants attend. If the number of participants exceed 16, please let us know when you submit this form.

While the KAMS SEWB Team can provide SEWB Workshops to your staff free of charge, we ask that you try your best to support us by supplying a venue and catering.

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