20 Apr 2021


WAAMH, Level 1, 1 Nash Street, Perth, WA 6000
9:00 am - 4:30 pm



Mental Health Challenges and Disability – Perth

This course provides tools in helping to identify potential anxiety, depression and psychosis in persons with physical or intellectual disabilities.  Suitable for staff in a variety of settings who work alongside clients in disability, therapeutic, supportive or caring roles.

The prevalence of mental health issues is higher in people with a disability than in the general population. This means that often, a person who has both a physical, intellectual or neurological disability is also dealing with mental health challenges.  There can be complexities in distinguishing mental health issues from intellectual or neurological disability and this can lead to mental health challenges not being recognised or identified.  Participants will explore concepts of recovery, trauma and strength- based approaches to working with people with complex needs. They will use a recovery and biopsychosocial approach to meet their client’s needs.

This course will support participants to:

  • * Understand the prevalence of disability and mental health issues.
  • * Have increased confidence in recognising anxiety, depression and psychosis in persons with physical or intellectual disabilities.
  • * Practice using a range of observation and communication tools to build their confidence in identifying and responding appropriately to mental health needs.
  • * Be confident in accessing resources to help meet the needs of clients with both disability and mental health challenges including in crisis situations.

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Training delivered by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health.

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