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Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services, Population Health Unit Programs provide a range of services and assistance with health promotion and training in the Kimberley.

Our programs include:

Regional Sexual Health Program

The Regional Sexual Health program provides clinical education, training and resources to deliver high quality sexual health services to clients in the Kimberley. In particular, support and facilitation for an increase by clinicians and health workers of opportunistic and targeted screening with appropriate management and follow up of people with sexually transmitted infections and blood borne viruses. The program works closely with communities to identify and develop prevention and education strategies that are culturally specific to the region.

Regional Male Health Program

The Men’s Health Program provides support, advocacy and coordination of improved health care practices and identification of service provision gaps within Aboriginal men in the Kimberley using culturally safe engagement strategies.

The program engages with Kimberley men to implement male health programs, development of health literacy and relevant health campaigns for improved health outcomes of Aboriginal males living in remote communities.

Tackling Indigenous Smoking Program

The Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) program aims to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by minimising harms related to tobacco use. The program aims to achieve this goal through preventing the uptake of smoking and supporting smoking cessation among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

It is a multi-component program which focuses on population health evidence-based activities and tobacco reduction outcomes and supports implementation of approaches that are culturally tailored for and targeted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Regional Hearing Health Program

The Regional Hearing Health program provides various supports and training to local health care workers in the management of ear disease and improved hearing health outcomes in their communities across the Kimberley.

The program also provides local patient screening by ENT specialist and audiologist services for early intervention and treatment of Otitis Media.

Kimberley Foot Initiative

The Kimberley Foot Initiative (KFI) Project aims to improve the gaps within the health system for diabetic foot-related complications, improve patients’ outcomes and amputation rates in the Kimberley region, and working alongside with community clinics such as Balgo, Billiluna, Mulan Health Services, Beagle Bay Health Service, Bidyadanga Community Clinics, Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Services, Derby Aboriginal Health Services, Ord Valley Aboriginal Health Services, and Yura Yungi Medical Services.

Kimberley Rheumatic Heart Disease Prevention Program

The Kimberley Rheumatic Heart Disease Prevention (RHD) Program is a Kimberley Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation partnership between KAMS, Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service, Derby Aboriginal Health Service, Ord Valley Aboriginal Health Service, Yura Yungi Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation and Nirrumbuk Environmental Health and Services.

It is a collaborative, comprehensive, and coordinated regional approach to preventing and managing acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and RHD. The program centres a culturally secure model of care focusing on community led solutions and responsive approaches, with a focus on better integrating primary health care with environmental health services to improve health outcomes.

Contact our Regional RHD Coordinator: lucy.binsulaiman@kamsc.org.au

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