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Section 100 Scheme

KAMS remote Aboriginal Health Services operate under the Section 100 scheme for supply of medication to their clients. The Section 100 Scheme has been in operation since 1999, when under the National Health Act 1953, provision was made for the supply of Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) medications to approved remote area Aboriginal Health Services (AHS). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples who live in remote areas of Australia experienced a number of barriers to accessing essential medicines through the PBS.

These barriers included

  • Delays experienced in obtaining medication through the standard prescription based process
  • Difficulties experienced in demonstrating eligibility for concessional benefits under the PBS; and
  • Affordability issues

As a result the S100 supply arrangements were developed to overcome this. To be included in the S100 supply arrangements the remote area AHS is required to obtain government approval. Once this approval is granted, the approved AHS is able to order bulk supplies of PBS medications from an approved supplier, such as a community pharmacy or an approved hospital authority. Clients of the remote area AHS are able to receive their medications directly from the AHS at the time of consultation. A normal prescription is not required and the medication is supplied free of charge.

Quality use of medicines

Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) strives to obtain the best possible use of medicines to improve health outcomes for people living in Australia. It centres around three main points:

  • Selecting management options wisely
  • Choosing suitable medicines if a medicine is considered necessary; and
  • Using medicines safely and effectively.

KAMS embraces all aspects of QUM and its clinics provide a number of support services aimed at improving the health outcomes for their clients. These include the provision of Dose Administration Aids, Home Medicine Reviews, QUM Education and Cultural Awareness.

Education for Health Professionals and Patients

KAMS recognises that education is a vital component of providing a comprehensive health care service. The KAMS Pharmacy Department develops and provides professional education events for staff throughout the Kimberley. In addition to this, the KAMS Pharmacist and Senior Aboriginal Health Worker also provide Community Information Sessions in the remote clinics of the Kimberley.

Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander Health Worker Training

The KAMS Pharmacy Department assists in the delivery of Pharmacy and Medication related topics within the Aboriginal Health Worker Training program.

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