25 Feb 2021


4:15 pm - 6:00 pm

Working with parents who have had their children removed

Hosted by the Mental Health Professionals’ Network and Emerging Minds, this webinar will explore the complexities of working with parents who have had their children removed. Parents in this situation are often reluctant to engage with Child Protection or other professional services as they feel unsupported, or judged by them. This lack of engagement means parents don’t receive the parenting support they need, and this can have very real effects on the children involved.

Register now to learn how to build trust with these often disadvantaged clients and encourage open conversation, without judgement. Our interdisciplinary panel of experts will discuss what the research finds is most effective, and offer practical tips for working with parents who may lack confidence or exhibit ambivalence about receiving help.

The webinar will feature a facilitated discussion of an interdisciplinary panel of subject matter experts: Jessica Cocks (Social Worker, NSW), Dr Sara McLean (Psychologist, SA), Rebecca (Child and Family Partner, SA), and will be facilitated by Dr Daniel Moss (Workforce Development Manager, SA).

Before the webinar, you can learn about our panel or read the case study upon which the discussion will be based.

Date: Thursday, 25 February 2021, 4.15 pm (WA)


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