22 Apr 2021


Kimberley Grande, 20 Victoria Hwy, Kununurra
9:30 am - 3:30 pm



The Trauma Puzzle Facilitator Training – Kununurra

The Trauma Puzzle Facilitator Training is a two day course that provides professional development for anyone working with children, young people and adults who have experienced complex trauma.  The target is workers and carers with foundation knowledge of trauma theory & experience working with clients who have experienced complex trauma.

This training program aims to prepare professionals by providing you with the 8 Training Packages that make up ‘The Trauma Puzzle® A Trauma Aware Practice Model’ so you can facilitate a range of complex trauma workshops.

Learning outcomes for this course:

  • * Explain the theoretical paradigms underpinning ‘The Trauma Puzzle® : A Trauma Aware Practice Model’.
  • * Describe the content of the 8 workshops that make up ‘The Trauma Puzzle®’.
  • * Use the materials provided to facilitate complex trauma training sessions such as: 1 or 2 day programs, short workshops, discussion groups, video conferences, book clubs, lunchbox learning, JITT (Just in Time Training) sessions etc.
  • * Participate in ongoing peer support sessions with other ‘The Trauma Puzzle®’ facilitators to ensure currency of materials and receive support to develop your own practice.

Price Includes: 8 sets of PowerPoint slides, 4 workbooks, handouts, case studies, activities and extensive additional reading on trauma-informed care. These are provided on USB. Tea, coffee, biscuits and a light sandwich and fruit lunch will be provided

Download course flyer here The Trauma Puzzle Facilitator Training flyer.

For further information on the course or if you have any special dietary requirements, please email Karen Hulls on E:

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Training delivered by the Complex Trauma Training WA.

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