18 May 2021


WAAMH, Level 1, 1 Nash Street, Perth, WA 6000
9:00 am - 4:30 pm



Supervision – Perth

This two-day course is for individuals who are seeking to build their skills in providing high-quality, reflective, ethical, and trauma-informed supervision to front line workers.

Effective supervision plays a strong role in attracting, retaining, and providing ongoing support to a motivated and highly skilled workforce.  Participants will learn how to create and sustain a safe supervision space that nurtures a strong working alliance between supervisor and supervisee, and how to continually reflect on their own supervision practice so that the supervision experience is mutually beneficial and empowering.

This course will support participants to:

  • * Understand what is meant by supervision, its context, and how it supports practice.
  • * Understand the principles that underpin effective supervision.
  • * Recognise the different models and modalities of supervision.
  • * Reflect on their own practice and what they are bringing to the supervision space.
  • * Consider the key competencies required to be an effective supervisor.
  • * Develop strategies to support mutual engagement in supervision processes.
  • * Recognise the practice challenges and potential conflicting demands within a work environment and how to respond to these.
  • * Understand and implement supervision processes, including administrative and evaluation processes.

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Training delivered by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health.

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