In 2016 KAMS and member services were successful in receiving funding for the Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) Program 2016-2018. This has now been extended to 2022.

The TIS program is embedded into member services with TIS teams at BRAMS, DAHS, YYMS and OVAHS. Supporting the TIS teams across the region is the KAMS TIS Regional Coordinator who works with member services and other key stakeholders to ensure the TIS program is consistent across the region, outcome focussed and contributing to an evidence base of what works in Aboriginal smoking cessation.

The TIS Program provides:

  • Community education programs on smoking and its harmful effects.
  • Facilitation of quit support groups.
  • Delivery of Brief intervention training to Aboriginal Medical Service Staff and community professional who a regularly in contact with Aboriginal people.
  • Training and support for workplaces and community spaces to become smoke free.
  • Advocate for smoke-free places at a Regional and National level.

We also develop local smoke free programs and campaigns that are meaningful to Aboriginal people in the Kimberley.

Our goal is to support Aboriginal people to be the healthiest they can be.

Kimberley TIS Contacts

Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services

Mandy McSherry – TIS Regional Coordinator

Phone: (08) 9195 2118

Ben De Meo – TIS Remote Project Officer

Phone: (08) 9195 2118

Kimberley KTIS Contacts Name Position Email Work Ph.
KAMS Mandy McSherry TIS Regional Coordinator 9195 2118
Alyssa Monte TIS Remote Project Officer 9195 2118
Lee Perry TIS Remote Project Officer 91952118
BRAMS Lattrell Matthews TIS Educator 91921338
Ben Phillips TIS Educator 91921338
DAHS Glenys Gillespie TIS Educator 91584200
Deborah Gordon TIS Educator 91584200
Jade Skinner TIS Educator 91584200
OVAHS Hank Cooper TIS Educator 91662256
Kate Black TIS Educator 91662256
YYMS Chloe Malay-Murphy TIS Educator 91686266
Jamaine Johnson TIS Educator 91686266
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