Kimberley Research Subcommittee

KAHPF involves all health services and other agencies with a role or interest in improving Aboriginal health in the Kimberley. In late 2006 KAHPF started processes to guide research in the region. This included establishing the KAHPF Kimberley Research Subcommittee.

Please note that this is a Subcommittee of the Kimberley Aboriginal Health Planning Forum. It has representation from services across the region and is not part of any one organisation. This is a research review committee, not an ethics committee.

Researchers are required to demonstrate that appropriate consultation has occurred before applying for Ethics approval. The Subcommittee aims to work constructively with prospective researchers to assist them to get the best possible local input and advice in developing proposals. Therefore the Subcommittee requests that they are informed about research projects early in the development phase and prior to ethics approval being applied for, although the Subcommittee is also happy to look at proposals at any stage in the process. The Subcommittee has a short standard form (see below) that potential researchers are requested to fill out and return as a word document by email (kahpfressub(AT)

Please follow the links below for more detail on the processes for carrying out health research in the Kimberley.

The objectives of the Kimberley Research Subcommittee are to:

  • Encourage a cohesive approach to health research in the region to enable the region to derive maximum benefit from any research activity that occurs
  • Develop and recommend to KAHPF strategies to minimise any negative impact of research on the people and health services of the region

In all of its work the Kimberley Research Subcommittee undertakes to:

  • Operate in a manner that is accessible, accountable, respectful and inclusive
  • Operate in a collaborative manner which builds on existing structures and networks wherever possible
  • Work to support actions and initiatives which consolidate and strengthen existing services
  • Maintain its commitment to cultural security

The role of the Kimberley Research Subcommittee is to:

  • Coordinate regional identification of research priorities
  • Provide regional input into the conduct of research in the Kimberley
  • Provide advice to potential researchers
  • Provide advice on whether a project is research or evaluation / audit
  • Facilitate the formation of networks between researchers
  • Regularly notify KAHPF about the research projects being carried out in the region
  • Provide advice and recommendations to KAHPF on matters of health research in the region
  • Provide advice to the WA Aboriginal Health Ethics Committee (WAAHEC) and other ethics committees as appropriate

The Kimberley Research Subcommittee does not have:

  • Decision-making powers as an entity which cut across the authority of individual health service governance and management bodies
  • Any mandate to grant ethics approvals for research being proposed in the region

Subcommittee members:

  • Boab Health Services (Margie Ware)
  • Derby Aboriginal Health Service (Dr Lyn Henderson-Yates)
  • Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council (Dr Stephanie Trust, Vicki O’Donnell)
  • Kimberley Mental Health and Drug Service (Dr Murray Chapman)
  • Kimberley Population Health Unit (Dr Jeanette Ward)
  • Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services (Maureen Carter)
  • Ord Valley Aboriginal Health Service (Graeme Cooper)
  • Rural Health West (Dr Julie Owen)
  • The University of Western Australia (Dr Julia Marley – Chair, Prof David Atkinson)
  • WA Country Health Service – Kimberley (Dr Jaye Martin)

Membership of the Subcommittee is by nomination from stakeholders in the region. Other organisations or individuals seeking to join the Subcommittee should write to the Chairperson of the Subcommittee stating their reasons for wishing to join and the contribution they can make to the Subcommittee’s work.

For advice contact:

Dr Julia Marley

Chair, KAHPF Kimberley Research Subcommittee

08 9194 3200 or

or Secretartiat, Kate Parrish (kahpfressub(AT) for administrative enquires.

Below are links to further information on carrying out reseach in the Kimberley:


Advice for researchers (93KB .pdf)

KAHPF Research Project Form v3-0 (44 KB .doc)

KAHPF Research Project Annual Progress Report Form (41 KB .doc) Due 30 June each year

KAHPF Research Project Final Report Form (84 KB .doc) Due once a project is completed

KAHPF Kimberley Research Subcommittee’s terms of reference (35 KB .pdf)