Kimberley Empowerment Healing and Leadership Program (KEHLP) – Train the Trainer

The KEHLP Train the Trainer program is a one-week intensive training for participants to become trainers in the KEHLP. Please note, participants must have completed KEHLP to participate in Train the Trainer. Training includes the two-day Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid (AMHFA) training to increase participant confidence in identifying mental health illnesses in Aboriginal and ... Read More

Kimberley Empowerment Healing and Leadership Program (KEHLP) – Broome

The KEHLP was developed following the successful pilot of the Kimberley Empowerment Project initiated in response to the high rates of suicides in the region from 1999 to 2006. The Kimberley Empowerment Project was developed in a way that was holistic, strengths-based, and culturally and geographically appropriate. It aimed to enhance the capability and capacity of local Aboriginal ... Read More